"Big D" 

Derek Cummings, professionally known as Big D. A hugely talented entertainer who writes and performs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with equal facility. He has blended these into a new style of music that defies most of the regular “labels”. It's not rap, rock, pop, or world music but is actually all of them wrapped up in a lush, and sensual sonic palette he calls The Boston Beat.

Growing up as a local here in Boston can be as challenging as it is wonderfully enriching in culture and heritage. From the age of 10, Big D has always known that music would be his life but struggled with many of the problems facing most kids today. He decided to pursue music as his full time career but also to dedicate his efforts to making sure others could do so as well; and that they  share in the opportunities this wonderful career affords. BTF Entertainment LLC hopes to be able to help the underfunded local youth have better educational access for production and performance in the entertainment industry. 

Whether it is by working Pro Bono, performing at charity events, and helping others with their education; or through building a company who's primary objective is to use and promote local talent wherever it can, he exemplifies every character one could hope for in an entertainer today. He most recently has held up the release of two full commercial albums so that he could finish and release a song titled “Boston Strong” from which a portion of the profit from sales will go to charity. 

"Boston Strong", released on February 11, 2016, is available on popular music download services. We love our home town and we feel this song is a love song to our city and its people. We hope you will love it too.

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